Valencio Intelligence Collection Enclave

The Valencio Intelligence Collection Enclave (V.I.C.E.), was started as a solution to the continuous need for a specialist group of expert warriors, diplomats and spies. At the time of its creation, Valencio had just broken away from the main nation and declared independence as a City-State, and was under threat from outside and inside. The organization was originally intended to handle problems beyond the capabilities of the regular Valencio Militia.

The original members of V.I.C.E. were two specially selected squads of militiamen that had proven their worth on a number of times, against superior opponents and often while outnumbered. The two groups were Squad Shadow Terror, and Squad Death Whisper. It was Squad Shadow Terror’s captain Bjorn Spielard who originally proposed the idea to the late Carlo Bouliano. Bjorn Spielard was made the official leader of V.I.C.E. in joint leadership with the now late Axom Shatterglass at its creation. ALthough originally intended to have joint leadership, Bjorn has not proposed a secondary leader and has assumed full control of the organization.

The other original members were: Aaron Bond, Acelynn, Bruno, Flynn Kassian, Kazz, Kiiro, Somber, Tahani and Tai.

V.I.C.E. had a very suspect beginning, with the joint chief Axom Shatterglass murdering Carlo Bouliano whilst under the thrall of a self-induced demonic rage. Axom was eventually detained by the other members of V.I.C.E., and publicly executed by Bjorn for his crime. The beginning of V.I.C.E. also had them on the hunt for an assassin, claiming to be helping Kate Meyers, who was Maxim Tordella’s only competition for the title of Mayor of Valencio after the death of Carlo Bouliano. In the end V.I.C.E. proved Kate Meyers’ guilt, arrested her and handed her over to the Valencio Militia for further judgement. This left Maxim Tordella the sole remaining candidate for Mayor, and as such he was elected by default.

Although the original purpose was to deal with matters beyond the normal scope of the Valencio Militia, that original purpose has become obsolete, in light of the new training methods of said Militia. Approximately 6 months ago Bjorn proposed a new mandate for the organization which included the old mandate, in addition to more responsibilities and duties, including: Military Intelligence, overseeing diplomatic treatise dealing with Valencio, arresting of particular dangerous criminals, and investigation of particularly difficult crimes. The modern V.I.C.E. has essentially assumed the role of a specialist branch of the police, military intelligence and bodyguards for Valencio’s diplomats and high value merchants. Although V.I.C.E. has not been functioning at an acceptable level in all these categories, Bjorn insists that steps are being taken to meet the new demand, and that it is simply a matter of time and training.

Valencio Intelligence Collection Enclave

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