Lothar Drescher

Half-Golterra V.i.C.E. Discple


Standing 6’9 and weighing in at 317lbs., this massive hulk of a man is the picture of athletic specimen. His skin is a hardened yellowish brown and looks carved out of clay while his eyes pierce with a yellowish glare that never falters. His hair is a dark brown colour when he allows it to grow in at all. Lothar is of a visibly powerful and athletic build even for a Golterra, despite his small height due to his half human heritage. His muscles pulsate with his purpose and seems as though he is always flexed and ready for battle.

Lothar often wears only a pair of pants as was customary for males in the Tudaré Mountains where he spent his childhood. He also sports two golden earrings and wrist band wrappings. Lothar has a tattoo of V.I.C.E. on his inner forearm as a sign of his commitment to the organization. He is by all matters a minimalist and believes the riches in life to be sinful indulgences.

Having grown up in a melee military regiment in Tudaré, Lothar developed a strict set of morals that he follows without fail. He believes an eye for an eye, obey your superior, if you need to know you will be told and most of all; truth. He has little trust for the world of magic for he has seen the evil far more than the good it can do and approaches all who use it was a great deal of caution.


The result of a successful assault on an unexpecting human village to the south of the Tudaré Mountains, the village’s inhabitants were raped and pillaged. Lothar’s mother; the origin of his human origin, died at birth as humans are not meant to give birth to golterran’s and is a battle her body could not endure. Being of half human descent, and an orphan at birth made Lothar an easy target for ridicule.

At a young age he devoted himself to training and military life style to overcome the challenges he had been bestowed. Enrolled into the base level of the Tudaré legion as a pugilist, Lothar quickly showed his superior strength even over his full Golterra comrades. His superior strength was shown great respect and he quickly moved up the ranked to join “The Legion” as it was called, he was trained to acknowledge and overcome his weaknesses, learning to deal with physical pain, fatigue and the elements. He fought honourably for three short years with “The Legion” before he asked to be discharged due to ethical disputes. It would seem some of his regiment had turned to daemons as a source of power to overcome their adversaries. Lothar silent at first could no longer hold his peace. He left to find military service elsewhere and happened upon the great port city of Valencio.

Upon his arrival in Valencio, Lothar sought out the military barracks and after only a few drills to demonstrate his competence was told to go to a government run organization by the name of V.I.C.E.. Within a few hours of his arrival he was given a a promotion from Initiate to Disciple by one of the organizations leading officers; an Inquisitor by the name of Aaron. He was then ordered by the Initiate-Prelate Milah, to accompany them on a mission to retrieve an runaway member of V.I.C.E., Hydd.

Lothar Drescher

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