Jormungandr Neitzegarden


Jor is an extremely well preserved Skarlati-Nekro. He looks very professional wearing the uniform of BlackRose Company, the mercenary company formed by Jor. Both his tattoo covered skin and hair are lacluster, while his eyes seem to burn with a fiery intensity. Living on a farm outside of Lawless Jor has spent hundreds of years wondering the continent changing his job every decade or so to keep things interesting. Jor has few friends despite his age as his violent tendencies and his “eccentricities” often drive those close to him away. As one of the original Nekro Jor’s name still carries some weight among those who remember him


Jor is the proprietor of Dethwell farms, and founder of BlackRose Company. He is well known around Lawless for his charitable donations to numerous social foundations around the country. His wines, and brandies are well known across the continent. Of late he seems to be consolidating a power base on his property outside lawless, building a small, but effective army. He is known to be almost uncharacteristically loyal to Kaiser, and lawless, having demonstrated his willingness to defend the country during the recent attack on the city. He is known to be an able, and fair commander, though hard.

Those close to Jor now that he is struggling with powerful demons, his past often defining his actions. He has shown that he is wiling to force down his issues when Thundercrew is imperilled.

Jormungandr Neitzegarden

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