The Mindspy Assassin


Age: 200+ (Appears 40)
Height: 5’4
Weight: 102 lbs

Anesqua is a lithe emaciated-looking skarlati. She has a shaved head and deep purple eyes. She has many tattoos including and eye-like pattern on her forehead. She wears simple, dark clothes that are made from light fabrics. She is often seen with a black cloak and her face is rarely shown.


Anesqua is the 9th disciple of the Shadow Hand. She is extremely skilled in mental magics, often enchanting others to do her dirty work for her. She boasts that she has not been caught or seen on a job in over 100 years. Due to this, she often leaves clues for her pursuers. She claims that she wants to level the playing field and that her jobs are not challenging enough. Anesqua is a cold, calculating and meticulous person. She has no problems with killing anyone in her way, and usually torments her targets before taking their lives.


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