Alio Gabrera

Number One of Dread Lich


Race: Skarlati
Gender: Male
Height: 5’7
Weight: 120 LBS
Age: 28

Alio is the second in command of the airship Dread Lich and the husband of Alessandra. After being rescued from Uthar’s compulsion by Jormungander Neitzegarden, Alio pledged allegiance to Jor and Lawless. When commanding the ship Alio often serves as the counterbalance to Jor’s sometimes amoral orders. The other crew members look up to him and consider him a friend as well as a superior.

Alio is an adept martial artist specialized in Capoera. His kicks are incredibly fast and powerful. Utilizing his ki and the power of wind, he can attack at an increased range or unleash a powerful blast of air.

Alio is laid back and a generally good bro. He can be your wing man, you shoulder to cry on or even a sparring partner. He is quick to make friends and is very loyal to the ones he has.


Alio Gabrera

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