Eternal Reverie


Kaiser after much discussion was introduced to Grimm. Grimm’s opening move was to remove Kaiser from the time line. The conflict between the two led to a fission in the party as Adorjan became unable to decide between his two masters. Carmen used her ability to stop time, but to some reason unbeknownst to her, Grimm was able to bypass the ability. He revealed that Jormungander has a piece of Xin inside of him. A manifest piece of Xin convinced Grimm to unlock Carmen, causing her to start her flight towards Arkai. The party returned to the city after alerting Arkai that danger was headed her way. They found a city in turmoil, and contacted Keith. Jor told Keith to declare a state of emergency and send the army in, while trying to contact Akia. Jor also contacted Marshal and called in his favour. The party then contacted Kyle, and asked him to come in, while also getting Akia to try to find I’ak.

Termination of Employment

Joseph’s blurry vision scanned the small dark room. His head was wet and the taste of iron was in his mouth. The ropes that bound his hands behind his seat had been chafing for some time. The loud droning of an engine was ever present and the vibrations made his bones ache.

The sudden sound of footsteps made him focus and brace himself for what might come. The abrupt sound of an old lock being turned made a twinge of fear run up his spine. The creaky metal door slowly opened. Light from the hall hit the man’s eyes like a bullet through ice. In the door frame stood a cloaked silhouette of a man with a wide brimmed hat.

The cloaked figure began to speak with playful malice. “Mister Garner, It seems that your information was correct! I had my doubts at first believe it or not, understandable doubts I would like to think. My ex-crew member Jormungander Neitzegarden did indeed assist Marshal Grey with the murder of Uthar.”

“Yes sir!” Cried joseph “I would never try to slight you Captain, even if Uthar’s law is gone I’m still loyal to you!” “Hmm… Yes, I’m sure you are” replied the cloaked man. “But loyalty is only worth so much you see… Even after overlooking the fact that I had to track you down, ultimately you had failed to protect my property. A property that was making me quite wealthy and powerful.”

Joseph became increasingly nervous and stammered “B-But captain, P-please understand! They were able to beat Kenneth and the others! I-Including Uthar!” A flash of gold from the figure was indication that he was grinning. “Mister Garner, I’m sorry to say but you are acting like I care about your excuses. But before I terminate your employment with me you will at least provide me with some entertainment… For compensation for the grief you have caused me of course. I’ve always wanted to see how far our main cannon can propel a live human.”

“Captain Alabastor! Plea-“ Joseph was cut off by the door slamming. Darkness consumed the room once again. The droning of an engine was ever present along with the sound of fearful sobs.

Grimm's musings

God Grimm! No, no, no… Lord Almighty Grimm!… No, It needs more flare… It needs to show people that I may steal your kidney or key your car, but I’m also down to party… Hmmmmmm… Hrrrrrmmmmmmmm….. HHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!…. WHOA! Yeah! Okay I got it! Arch Cosmolord Grimm! Bwehuehuehueheheheeeee!! Too bueno!… but uuuhh, If I’m Arch Cosmolord, that would imply that there are lesser Cosmo Lords… maybe I should have some right hand men… right hand men and women, The church of Grimm doesn’t discriminate. Unless you don’t worship me of course. We’ll discriminate the shit out of the heathens!… But who will be my first Cosmo Lord? It would have to be someone who was with me from the beginning, someone who believed in me the whole way through… Hmmmm… Maybe that guy at the taco stand? He didn’t rat me out to the cops when I melted that other dude’s mind… EEhhh. I’m sure it’ll come to me. Fuck man, this is hard work being a god! I need a fucking beer…

Kaizer's Law

It was four o’ clock in the morning in the Phantom district of Lawless . Xavier was hard at work repairing his secret laboratory from the Undercrew’s “investigation”. “That insufferable skarlati set my experiments back months!” the nekro-skarlati muttered to himself as he swept debris that littered the floor into a recycling bin. “ That Jormungander seemed like a stand up fellow, I think I can trust him with keeping our encounter secret. I would not want HIM to discover my true intentions and especially not the Kaizer…”

Just as Xavier swept up the last of the mess, he felt a strange tingling sensation throughout his body. He felt a static shock on his hand, and then another down his spine. Suddenly a spark flew from his head to one of his large tesla coils, leaving his half head of hair stiff and upright. The scientist took a cautious step back from his equipment “I thought I unplugged you! Bad Tessy!”The nekro began to take a step towards the outlet when the room filled with blinding light and a deafening BOOM Reverberated throughout the subterranean structure. The resulting shockwave knocked Xavier to the floor. The scientist took a few seconds for his eyesight to refocus. The first thing he saw was a gaping hole in his ceiling, the next was something much more worrisome.

Standing all but ten feet from him was the Kaizer, enwreathed in a torrent of electricity. The Kaizer’s aura was palpable, his presence could be felt for hundreds if not thousands of feet away. He did not look happy…

“K-K-K-Kaiser! W-What a pleasant surprise! What B-Brings you to this part of town?” Xavier barely was able to stammer. “Xavier…” Kaizer said with malice dripping from his mouth. “I heard you were running some experiments… What kind of experiments were you running here?” Kaizer wiped the condensation off one of the large tubes to reveal an emaciated looking body.

“W-Well you see my lord I was developing new technologies to enhance the strength of the great Undercrew” The nekro lied while shakily getting up to his feet. “I assure you all my experiments were done safely and on willi-“ suddenly the air evacuated Xavier’s lungs, as in the blink of an eye he was pinned against the far wall with Kaizer’s hand around his neck. “LIKE HELL THEY WERE!” Kaizer’s voice rang out with a force that could shatter eardrums. Electricity was pouring out of his body into Xavier’s. The scientist was paralyzed by his nervous system being interrupted as well as by fear.

“Do you think I’m an idiot Xavier!? Do think I would not find out about your little science project!?” The lord of the city plunged his fist into the nekro’s gut causing the wall he was pinned to to crack and buckle. Xavier puked out a bluish bile onto the floor as he pled “Please my lord! I did not mean to undermine you!” ”You just don’t get it do you!” The Kaizer retorted, his eyes now pure energy brimming with electricity. “All the people you killed! All the innocents that were snuffed out! The families that were torn apart!” The Kaizer seemed to take a moment before he continued, as if he were recollecting something. “People like you are the reason that I am here. And as long as I rule over this city… NO ATTROCITY WILL GO UNPUNISHED!”

Xavier’s screams could be heard for miles. It was not quick, it was not pleasant.

Off the Beaten Path

Our protagonists had captured the man that was tailing them and brought him to Jormungander Neitzegarden‘s secret torture room under DethWell Farm. After some quality time together the mysterious man did not respond in any way to Jor’s efforts. After some quick surgery it was determined that the man was in fact an animated corpse driven by frankenstein-like technology. Angered that he was denied his love of making other’s suffer, Jor quickly destroyed the corpse.

Back in the city, Peggy went to see Kaizer for information. After describing the odd man, Kaizer had a good idea where he came from. He informed the pint sized engineer that Phantom uses similar technology and have animated corpses as sentries in their territory.

After some investigations on Phantom’s turf, the party found a warehouse that possibly has a secret basement. They are currently looking for an entrance of some kind.

Another Beginning

It was a warm pleasant day as the sun shined brightly over the bustling expanse of Lawless. Merchants could be heard peddling their wears while children played in the streets. Entering the town from the large south gate was a peculiar vehicle that resembled a 1980’s R.V. It was an off white with several brown and orange stripes running the length of it. The vehicle was coughing out black smoke from its exhaust as if it was weary from a long journey. It crawled slowly through the city, for the streets were overrun with herds of various races.

In the driver’s and passenger’s seats sat a woman and a young boy. The lady who looked to be in her late 20’s wore a white tank top, green pants, leather boots, goggles and a green touque. She had a thin frame except for a small belly that protruded onto her lap. “We’re almost there Pablo” the women exhaled. She looked over with her dark tired eyes at the exited twelve year old boy beside her. He was skinny, had dark skin and had short shaved hair. He wore simple cotton green pants and a brown leather tunic. His big brown eyes were gorging themselves on all the new sites of the city. He wore a childish grin as he squished his hands and nose against the window.

“I’m sorry for all the running around kid, but I’m sure you understood what it would be like when I took you in” The women said. “This looks like a nice place, much nicer than the brochures made it appear. We’ll try stay here as long as possible; I want you to make some friends your own age alright?” Pablo simply turned to his driver, smiled and gave a vigorous nod.

The boy reached behind his seat, pulled out a notepad and scribbled down the phrase; “Can we stop for food?” On queue the woman’s stomach gave out a loud rumble. “Hahah yeah, I guess we should pick something up before we set up shop. I’ll tell you what; we’ll get your favorite. Hopefully we can find some crab pizza around here…” Pablo flipped the page on his notebook and showed it to the Women. It was a picture of a heart and a name, “Arkai”

Investigate my boot in your face Bitch!

After deliberation the party decided to attempt to lure out our mystery man out in to the open without the unnatural talent for deception that Halem possesses. Peggy, with a liberal application of make up, disguised herself as an older Luupin lady and went around to bars bragging about her new job working for the Dire Straits. Mystery Man took the bait, and after a lively chase through Lawless was subdued by our stalwart adventurers.

Further Investigations

Many questions have been answered while many others have arisen. In the custody of the Undercrew is Massimo Baratelli, the last known target of the so called body snatchers. Massimo and the other victims all had identical surgeries done on their teeth. These surgeries hollowed out their teeth to be able to smuggle an extremely rare and potent drug called Golden Tear through the Air Razers’ customs. The prime suspects according to Nathan Fillion of the Dire Straits are The Air Razers, since it is believed that they caught wind of the operation and are in acting their revenge. After a talk with Air Razor mid boss Shino, he revealed that he knew nothing of the Dire Straits’ actions. The party has been trying to lure out the kidnappers by disguising Halim has Massimo. But the only thing that bites is a mysterious man that follows the group around at night.

Investigations in Lawless

At the direction of Kaisar Jor, Harem, and Tombstone started to investigate the disappearance of Lawless citizens. Starting with the assumed widow of a dentist named Alehandro. Camillia while helpful appeared to be hiding information, Harem found documents indicating that Alehandro was involved in some sort of nefarious dealings with a man named Nathan Fillion, though the documents were singularly vague. Continuing the investigation the party visited Sven Borsholvitz, whose wife Mikë has been missing for two days. Sven indicated that Nathan Fillion owns the Seven Coins bar. After entering the bar, Harem conned her way into Nathan’s office while Jor attempted to arrange a business with Fillion.

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

After Defeating Tordekka and her Duskwallow Marauder goons in the eastern farm lands, Daemon Corde volunteered squad Shadow Terror for another mission. The bandits are encroaching further onto Valencio territory and raiding abandoned guard posts and barracks. Four other squads were sent to investigate but hadn’t returned. Carlo gave them a cart and horses so they could scavenge anything to better outfit the militia.

Upon arriving two days later at a small farm town, they were greeted with a hail of arrows. Duskwallow Marauders and their luupin lieutenant Kazz had captured a barracks. After a Hard fought battle where Flynn Kassian, Aaron Bond and Daemon Corde were nearly killed, Shadow terror managed to defeat the bandits and capture Kazz

Things looked grim when another group of marauders were spotted in the distance. Fortunately squad Death Whisper intervened and routed them. Apparently they had been the only surviving group sent north to counter the raiders. The group is comprised of a Human named Acelynn, a Katzena named Tahani, a Golterra named Bruno, a Luupin named Tai and their Nekro leader named Somber. Together They were able to salvage weapons, armour and other supplies from the barracks. Through some persuasion and death threats, Kazz decided to join the militia. She is currently being held in prison until further notice.

Kazz gave up the names of the other lieutenants: the human Kaito, the nekro Grimm, the skarlati Malkuri, the sho’kar Shar’tu and their leader Kain.

Note: Summer solstice in 2 days. Next full moon in 2 days


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