Act 1

April 4, 2011 – May 15, 2014

The world of Xavia is approximately 2000 years old and was created by the god Quo’jin. Using the 10 prime elements he manufactured a world of beauty and sincerity. From the same building blocks came all living creatures. The most notable races were the Humans, the Golterra, the Katzena, the Luupin, the Sho’karr and the Xintavu. The first couple of centuries the races lived together in peace. That is until theXintavu caused ripples in the pond. They believed that they were greater than all other creatures. They studied dark and powerful magics and began to defy the will of Quo’jin. Sensing that Quo’jin would smite them down for their insolence, they created 7 beings of immeasurable power called Catastrophes to combat their god. After a battle that lasted over a month, Quo’jin was slain. With his last ounce of power he banished the entire Xintavu race to the center of the world. From the fallen god’s body formed two new deities: Helios and Selene. They did not have the power to destroy the Catastrophes but they were able to seal their movements slightly and bring relative balance to the world.

Eternal Reverie is based in a fantasy steampunk world called Xavia. The story begins in the country of Valtiir. King Almani Dysio for an unknown reason had recalled all his armies back to the capitol of Polita. The king’s actions had dire ramifications on the country’s overall integrity. Certain divisions of the army were devoted to policing and guarding the various cities and country sides of Valtiir. In this lapse of order many guilds, Pirates, nobles and cities jostled for power of their respective areas. The small Port city of Valencio and it’s surrounding areas were attacked by a bandit guild called Duskwallow Marauders. The city responded with the creation of a militia. For one reason or another the protagonists Daemon Corde, Aaron Bond, Kiiro and Bjorn Spielard joined the organization.

One year later after all the dust settled, Valtiir split into six city states. The protagonists have created the Valencio Intelligence Collection Enclave which is lead by Bjorn Spielard. The party now deals with threats to the city that the army cannot. Valencio is their home, and they will do everything within their power to keep it safe.

The 7 playable races are: Golterra, Human, Katzena, Luupin, Nekro, Sho’karr and Skarlati.

Act 2

June 12, 2014 -

It has been 3 years since the The Recall and we find our story switch perspective to another group of protagonists. Jormungander Neitzegarden, Peggy, Tombstone, Halim and a nameless Nekro are all traveling through the city of Lawless. They all become bizarrely recruited to a gang called The Undercrew by the leader of the city named Kaizer. The Undercrew keeps the plethora of gangs in Lawless in check with much help of the all-powerful Kaizer. Because of this, a delicate balance is maintained in the city and its residence can live in peace.

For the moment our protagonists have accepted this new life and leadership. They are currently taking care of various problems that arise in the city.

Eternal Reverie

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