Yi’ang (humanoid)

Attributes: +2 wisdom, +2 dexterity, -2 strength.

Size: Medium

Pair: Playing a Yi’ang means playing two characters. Each character only has 75% of the exp given to the player. The full amount of the exp given is still used to calculate certain abilities. For example, if a Yi’ang has 100 exp, each of the pair would only have 75 exp each to purchase stats and abilities. Though the full 100 exp would be used to determine things like Limit Level and Soul Range.

Soul Range: A Yi’ang’s soul range is used for various racial abilities. It is the maximum distance a pair of Yi’ang can be apart without incurring penalties or benefiting from abilities.
A Yi’ang’s Soul range is equal to 50ft + 5ft per 20exp.

Symbiosis of Soul: Yi’ang are born in pairs. One cannot live without the other. If the Yi’ang are outside of their soul range for a day, they both become fatigued. After 2 days they become exhausted. After 3 days and beyond they both lose 2 charisma per day. This charisma loss cannot be prevented or healed. If a Yi’ang’s charisma reaches 0 in this state they die. If both Yi’ang are reunited, then any penalties or charisma loss disappear after 8 hours of rest.
When within soul range any damage inflicted can be divided by any amount among the pair. Also when spending mana, ki or another resource, any amount can be withdrawn from either character.
When within soul range a pair of Yi’ang share an empathetic link.

Twin Senses: When rolling for initiative and when within soul range, you may take the higher iniitiative roll for both characters.

Double team: A pair of Yi’ang do not incur penalties when fighting in the same square. When flanking they grant each other a +4 flanking bonus rather than +2.

Strength of Soul: Yi’ang are immune to the effects of Quintessiva and have a +4 bonus to saving throws against effects that affect the soul.

Yi’ang Studies: Yi’ang start off with a dot in heal and a knowledge of your choice. Both skills have a +2 racial bonus.


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