The Exodus

After The Great Impact the demons that invaded Godara left a great taint on the land. In a few years it spread to the farthest corners of the continent. The taint slowly killed the land making it incredibly difficult to sustain any sort of life. Realizing this, all the kingdoms of Godara poured all their resources into building sea and air fairing ships to evacuate the population.

In the year 1483 all the races and of Godara set sail towards the western continent of Terassu to start new lives. In this massive fleet were the three human nations: Valtiir, Beliss and Zeshaan, the luupin cities: Quaaluuritz and Technostrilamnoosamen, as well as a variety of golterra and katzena tribes. Though upon the fleet’s arrival, they were impeded by the nation of Gaelbora. Apparently the Gaelborans had just finished expanding their kingdom to encompass all of Terassu. The Gaelborans gave the fleet an ultimatum: either pay horrendous taxes to stay on their land, or find somewhere else to settle.

The fleet weighed their options. They did not have enough supplies to look for new lands to settle. And if they settled here, the imposed taxes would drive all the nations to near bankruptcy. After much deliberation the fleet of nations formed a coalition and declared war on the Gaelborans.

Since the Gaelborans expanded so rapidly in anticipation of the allied fleet, they were spread very thinly across a good portion of the continent. Suffice to say obtaining a foot hold was a rather simple task. But the simplicity ended there as the war lasted for three long years. In the end the, Gaelbora surrendered to the coalition and was pushed back to the north west of Terassu. The Human nations divided the rest of the land into three parts. Zashaan took the mid-north, Belissima took the north east and Valtiir took the south. The Golterra took up residence in the mountain chains, while the Katzena filled the plains. The Luupin built various transportation hubs around the continent to fairy people to their flying cities.

Since The Exodus, there hasn’t been any major conflicts between any of the races or nations. It is speculated that Gaelbora is still bitter about their loss. The country refuses to trade with any other nation and lets in very few immigrants or visitors.

The Exodus

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