Skarlati (humanoid)
Attributes: +2 dexterity, +2 wisdom, -2 constitution.
Medium: Skarlati are medium creatures and have no penalties due to their size.
Quick: Skarlati have a base movement speed of 40ft.
Fire Bird’s Resilience: A skarlati has a +4 racial bonus to saving throws against poisons and diseases.
Agile: A skarlati has a +2 racial bonus to acrobatics and a +2 racial bonus to fly.
Weapon Familiarity: A skarlati has proficiency in swords.
Gift of the Phoenix: A skarlati can heal herself or others with powers deriving from her phoenix heritage. A skarlati can heal a number of hit points per day equal to (5 + 2/ hit dice). This amount can be consumed all in a single use or spread out between multiple uses. It is a standard action to use, its range is touch and its attributes are fire/conjuration. A Skarlati may also use this ability to only heal herself as a swift action. If Gift of the Phoenix is used as a swift action, the maximum amount that can be healed is 10% of the maximum daily healing pool.
Fiery Reincarnation: When a skarlati would die, she has a percent chance to resurrect herself. She has a 100% chance to resurrect the first time she dies. For each subsequent death a skarlati has 20% less of a chance to reincarnate minimum 20%.
Moments after a skarlati’s death her remains catch fire and burn until only ash is left. The ash then forms it’s self in a tiny sized egg. It takes the egg 3d4 days to hatch. During this time the egg grows to medium size and once it hatches, the reborn skarlati is fully grown. If the egg is destroyed, the skarlati will die with no chance of being revived again by Fiery Reincarnation. The egg has hp equal to 3 times the skarlati’s hit dice and hardness equal to the skarlati’s hit dice. The egg recovers 1 hit point per hour and is immune to fire.
Fire Affinity: A skarlati starts off with one dot in fire affinity.
Necromancy Resistance: A skarlati starts off with one dot in necromancy resistance.
Divination Vulnerability: A skarlati starts off with one dot in divination vulnerability.
Setting Sun vulnerability: A skarlati starts off with one dot in setting sun vulnerability.

The average skarlati stands about five feet and eight inches tall. They tend to have very slender builds and are very agile. Their lack of constitution is due to hollow bones, similar to that of a bird. Their most common hair colours are red, yellow and orange. There are tales of rare skarlati having white and even blue hair. A skarlati’s skin is typically orange or yellow. They have sharp angular facial features due to their avian heritage. Many skarlati proudly wear tribal like tattoos all over their bodies.

The skarlati were created after The Great Impact upon the death of the phoenix. The phoenix were an immortal race, but gave up their powers and lives to permanently seal the rift to the abyss. To carry on their legacy they laid one thousand eggs, that once hatched produced the skarlati. Before the fire birds sacrificed themselves, they charged the luupin to raise the new race until they were old enough to fend for themselves. The original one thousand were blessed with the knowledge and wisdom of the phoenix. Once fully grown, the majority of them left the luupin cities to start civilizations of their own.

The skarlati are typically charismatic and full of energy. They get along well with other races and hold the luupin in high regard. They often pay homage to their ancestors by setting their possessions on fire. Most of the time it is an offering of food, but it can be just about anything. Scarlati settlements don’t get very big. The larger ones have a population of one thousand. The largest city is about five thousand skarlati strong. Skarlati have no preferences on location or climate when building a town, though they adapt well to living in deserts. Skarlati society is matriarchal. The oldest female is assigned as matriarch. Her power is absolute and is rarely disputed.


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