Sho’karr (humanoid)
Attributes: +2 constitution, +2 charisma, -2 wisdom
Medium: Sho’karr are medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Sho’Karr have a base land speed of 30ft
Webbed Appendages: Sho’karr have a base swim speed of 50ft
Darkvision: Sho’karr have darkvision 60ft
Gills: Sho’Karr can breathe underwater as well as on land.
Underwater Superiority: As long as the sho’karr are in a body of water large enough to swim freely in; they do not incur any penalties for fighting underwater and receive a +4 racial bonus to their CMB and CMD.
Weapon familiarity: Sho’karr are adept at using shaft weapons. They start off with proficiency with polearms.
Keen Senses: The sho’karr’s shark-like senses give them a +2 racial bonus on perception checks and survival checks. These bonuses increase to +4 while underwater.
Blood Rage: Whenever a sho’karr is at least 10 feet away from a creature that has less than 50% health and has been damaged in a way that would normally draw blood, They enter a rage unless they make a DC 14 will save (they may choose to fail it). The rage grants a +2 bonus to strength and constitution and a -1 penalty to AC. The rage lasts a number of rounds equal to the character’s original constitution modifier +3. A Sho’karr makes one will save per wounded creature. Any additional wounded creatures in the vicinity force the save again. For each time a sho’karr fails the will save, the rounds of the rage reset.
Blood rage grants additional bonuses and abilities depending on the Sko’kar’s hit dice.
3 hit dice: +5ft movement speed
6 hit dice: Endurance feat
9 hit dice: +1 racial bonus to will saves, +5ft movement speed
12 hit dice: No more -1 to AC from blood rage.
15 hit dice: Die Hard feat
18 hit dice: +1 racial bonus to will saves, +1 natural AC
Water Affinity: Sho’karr start off with 1 dot in water affinity.
Fire Resistance: Sho’karr start off with 1 dot in fire resistance.
Illusion Vulnerability: Sho’karr start off with 1 dot in illusion vulnerability
Shadowhand Vulnerability: Sho’karr start off with 1 dot in shadowhand vulnerability.

Physical Description
Sho’karr are shark-like humanoids who generally stand six feet in height. They have razor sharp teeth, gills on their necks, sharp noses and eyes similar to that of a shark’s. Their skin color typically ranges from greens to blues, purples and whites. Their skin is oily to the touch and their hands and feet are webbed. They wear their hair in many different styles with their hair color being that of any color found in the sea. No one knows how long sho’karr live or even if they die of old age.

Sho’karr are charismatic loud and rowdy. They are quick to tell tales of their exploits and often over exaggerate their stories. They hold strength and power in high regard, as sho’karr tend to follow the strongest in their group. To an outsider they don’t seem to have any sort of social graces, or etiquette, though they do have a pecking order from alpha to omega. Many sho’karr enjoy hunting whether it’s for prey or treasure. It is not uncommon for a sho’karr to join a pirate crew or mercenary guild.

Sho’karr live in grand cities thousands of feet below sea level. These cities are incased in giant transparent titanium domes. Their primary from of transportation besides swimming, are magically enchanted ships that glide through the water. Each of these cities is ruled by a single sho’karr emperor. To become emperor one has to defeat the current leader in one on one combat. Even though an emperor’s power is absolute over their city, they all inevitably answer to the strongest of all Sho’karr; the Lord of the Ocean, who rules from the sho’karr capitol.


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