Katzena (humanoid)
Attributes: 2 strength, +2 wisdom, (-2) intelligence.
Medium: Katzena are medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Katzena have a base speed of 30ft
Low-light vision: Katzena can see twice as far as normal in low light conditions.
Feline Lineage: Katzena receive a +2 racial bonus to perception checks, stealth checks, athletics checks and survival checks.
Primal Focus: Katzena can tap into their animalistic instincts to sharpen their senses and strengthen their bodies. As a free action a katzena receives a +4 primal bonus to an attribute of their choice for 1 round. This is an extraordinary ability that is activated as a free action and is usable only once each round. A katzena can use this ability a number of times a day equal to 1 + half it’s hit dice.
Natural Weapons: Katzena have 2 claw attacks (1d4
Divination Affinity: Katzena start off with 1 dot in divination affinity.
Tiger Claw Affinity: Katzena start off with 1 dot in tiger claw affinity.
Elemental Resistance: Katzena start off with 1 dot in one of the following elements: fire, wind, water, lightning and earth.
Necromancy Vulnerability: Katzena start off with 1 dot in necromancy vulnerability.
Diamond Mind Vulnerability: Katzena start off with 1 dot in diamond mind vulnerability.

Physical Description
Katzena are anthropomorphic lions that stand approximately six and a half feet tall. Females are generally smaller than the males. The lion folks’ bodies are both powerful and agile. The fur that coats them from head to toe comes in a gambit of colors, such as: gold, brown, red, black, white and silver. Contrary to the females, the males grow large manes that are a great source of pride. It is common to decorate one’s own mane with various beads and an assortment of miscellaneous ornaments. Katzena generally live for 200 years.

Katzena are prideful and honorable. They are exceptionally wise, often consulting the elements themselves for advice. Katzena are generally weary of strangers and of other races. It is uncommon for katzena to leave their tribes or grasslands in which they live. Even so, there are a small number of their race who prefer living in cities.

The katzena are a nomadic people who live in grassy plains. They live off of what the land provides them and are in tune with the elements of nature. Through their ties with the land, it is not uncommon for katzena to be gifted with the power of foresight. Their population of their tribes can be as small as 50 members, though they rarely exceed 200 in size. The lion folk are patriarchal, though other roles in the tribe are not gender based. Each member of the tribe works together to survive sharing food, workloads and hunting duties.


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