Golterra (Humanoid)

Attributes: +4 strength, +4 constitution, (-4) dexterity, (-2) intelligence, (-2) charisma.
Medium: Golterra are medium creatures and have no penalties due to their size.
Lumbering Giant: Golterra have a base land speed of 20ft.
Darkvision: Golterra have darkvision 60ft.
Tough Skin: Golterra have a +1 bonus to natural armor and have DR1/-.
Large and in Charge: Golterra have a +2 racial bonus to their CMB and CMD.
Weapon Familiarity: Golterra have proficiency with maces
Glittering Prizes: Once per month a golterra sheds some of the gems that grows on her body. The value of these gems are equal to D20 + the golterra’s constitution score. In golterra lands, these gems will most likely be worth significantly less.
Earth Affinity: Golterra start off with 1 dot in earth affinity.
Stone Dragon Affinity: Golterra start off with 1 dot in stone dragon affinity.
Desert wind resistance: Golterra start off with 1 dot in desert wind resistance.
Lightning Vulnerability: Golterra start off with 1 dot in lightning vulnerability.
Stone Dragon Vulnerability: Golterra start off with 1 dot in stone dragon vulnerability.

Physical Description
A golterra stands seven feet tall on average. These giants have broad shoulders bulging muscles and thick stone-like skin. Due to their large size they are fairly clumsy and slow. They’re skin color is typically black, dark grey or dark brown. They have no hair anywhere on their bodies. Instead they have assortments of precious gems that grow from their skin. Many golterra style these gems in different ways, often chipping off gems in unwanted areas.

The golterra are a war-like race who battle tribe against tribe for dominance over the mountains. They are very territorial with wars breaking out simply because one tribe trespassed on another’s land. Golterra typically carve their cities into the face of mountains or in giant caves. The position of chieftain or chieftainess is hereditary. The decisions of the chieftain are absolute and are normally followed without question. One of the Golterra’s main exports are the precious gems that grow naturally from their bodies.


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