Tag: Shadow Terror


  • Aaron Bond

    Description: Innocent and gullible, courageous and hardworking, the little clumsy boy stands out in the training area. Though many seem to like his presence, rather than casting him as an idiot, it is due to his light hearted way of handling things, and …

  • Flynn Kassian

    Flynn seems like your average human, until he gets into a fight. He fights with the ferocity of an animal, though outside of battle he is a chill guy. He doesn’t step on any toes and tries to be friendly and helpful to his comrades.

  • Kiiro

    Kiiro appears distant, caught up in his thoughts, and more impatient than other Luupin. He generally keeps quiet, is soft-spoken, but is rather pointedly impolite. In the face of incompetence, carelessness or loutish buffoonery, he will snap in …