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  • Taikashi

    Taikashi is a graveyard for various Luupin creations. Broken, outdated and obsolete machines are discarded here. Due to the combination of magic and technology in their creations, and the stagnation of the latent energies have produced technology …

  • Jahozaphax

    Jahozaphax is located north west of the [[Tagota Mountains]] and is about 90,000 square KM in area. This land has been infused by Necromantic energies by [[The Unhallowing]]. Plants in the area try and cling to life as they try to sustain themselves with …

  • Rumanoa Plains

    The Rumanoa Plains make up a large part of central [[Valtiir]]. The great [[Anacci River]] splits the plains into 3 sections: northeast, northwest and south Rumanoa. These plains are home to the nomadic [[Katzena]] tribes and many [[Human]] farmers. The …

  • Soul Well

    The Soul Well is located in northwest [[Rumanoa Plains | Rumanoa]]. The Soul Well is the gateway between [[Xavia]] and [[Quintessiva]], the spirit plane. It is guarded by the [[Bhurkesh]] [[Katzena]] tribe.

  • Anacci River

    The Anacci River is the largest river in all of Xavia. It originates in the [[Tagota Mountains]] and runs south through the [[Rumanoa Plains]] until it empties in to ocean from three points on the southern shore. It is 5400 km in length and is 50km at it …

  • Tagota Mountains

    The Tudare Mountains are located south of [[Valencio]] and border the ocean. Many of Valencio's mining operations are situated here. The mining companies often have to deal with [[Golterra]] clans who are extremely territorial.

  • Zeian Joreen

    Zeian Joreen is the main base of the [[Darksiders]]. The name translates from Xintavu to Tainted Bastion. It is located deep with in the [[Tagota Mountains | Tagota Mountain range]] a top of a plateaued peak.