Tag: Organization


  • Blood Hounds

    The Blood Hounds are similar to the FBI. This guild serves the king of [[Valtiir]]. They specialize in investigations and undercover work. Unlike most monarchy bound guilds, the Blood Hounds have not been affected by the recent recall of troops.

  • Silver Knights

    The Silver Knights are Polita's elite warriors, who only answer to the king himself. These individuals are so powerful and skilled, that it is said that one squad in enough to turn the tide of battle.

  • Iron Guard

    The Iron Guard are loyal servants of the king of Valtiir. This guild specializes in the use of large vehicles, primarily using twenty five foot tall mechs called Golems.

  • Order of Lunarsol

    The Order of Lunarsol is the world's official religious organization. They are the most devout of worshipers to the gods Selene and Helios. Simply worshiping the gods does not grant one the privilege of being part of the order. One has to go through at …

  • Valencio Intelligence Collection Enclave

    The Valencio Intelligence Collection Enclave (V.I.C.E.), was started as a solution to the continuous need for a specialist group of expert warriors, diplomats and spies. At the time of its creation, Valencio had just broken away from the main nation and …

  • Valencio Militia

    The Valencio Militia was originally created when King Almani Dysio recalled all his forces to the capitol. With many renegade groups rising to obtain power where they could, the small port town assembled a make shift fighting force to defend the people. …

  • Valencio Army

    The Valencio Army is approximatly 10,000 soldiers strong. It grew at an amazing pace for the force is only a year and a half old. The army is contolled by a joint leadership between Lucciano Tacciani and Lucciana Tacciani. The two ex-polita generals have …

  • Blue Nova

    Blue Nova is the revolutionary group that opposes Almani Dysio, his monarchy and the politan army.