Tag: Nekro


  • Somber

    Somber's personality is fairly grim. Killing doesn't phase her and she finds amusement in other peoples conflicts and frustrations. She is the leader of Squad Deathwhisper.

  • Grimm

    Grimm apparently has a piece of the demon lord Xin's soul within his own. Possibly due to this, he knows all the secrets of the universe. His current goal is to find a way to the abyss, kill or absorb Xin and take his place. He has a whimsical nature …

  • Hydd "Heidi" Venora

    Little is known about Hydd; where she is from or what she is capable of but there have been signs that she may be more aware or maybe just more intelligent than she is given credit for. Her behavior is hard anticipate although not impulsive and she has …

  • Jormungandr Neitzegarden

    Jor is the proprietor of Dethwell farms, and founder of BlackRose Company. He is well known around Lawless for his charitable donations to numerous social foundations around the country. His wines, and brandies are well known across the continent. Of late …