Tag: Duskwallow Marauders


  • Kazz

    Kazz is loud, boisterous and loves to have fun. She is a thrill seeker and has even developed a canon that fires her and her motorcycle anywhere within a kilometer. She is an expert gunslinger with power over light and transmutation. She uses those power …

  • Malkurri

    Malkurri is a twisted individual, murdering anyone to accomplish his goal without a second thought. He has power over fire, enchantment, evocation and demonology.

  • Grimm

    Grimm apparently has a piece of the demon lord Xin's soul within his own. Possibly due to this, he knows all the secrets of the universe. His current goal is to find a way to the abyss, kill or absorb Xin and take his place. He has a whimsical nature …