Eternal Reverie

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

After Defeating Tordekka and her Duskwallow Marauder goons in the eastern farm lands, Daemon Corde volunteered squad Shadow Terror for another mission. The bandits are encroaching further onto Valencio territory and raiding abandoned guard posts and barracks. Four other squads were sent to investigate but hadn’t returned. Carlo gave them a cart and horses so they could scavenge anything to better outfit the militia.

Upon arriving two days later at a small farm town, they were greeted with a hail of arrows. Duskwallow Marauders and their luupin lieutenant Kazz had captured a barracks. After a Hard fought battle where Flynn Kassian, Aaron Bond and Daemon Corde were nearly killed, Shadow terror managed to defeat the bandits and capture Kazz

Things looked grim when another group of marauders were spotted in the distance. Fortunately squad Death Whisper intervened and routed them. Apparently they had been the only surviving group sent north to counter the raiders. The group is comprised of a Human named Acelynn, a Katzena named Tahani, a Golterra named Bruno, a Luupin named Tai and their Nekro leader named Somber. Together They were able to salvage weapons, armour and other supplies from the barracks. Through some persuasion and death threats, Kazz decided to join the militia. She is currently being held in prison until further notice.

Kazz gave up the names of the other lieutenants: the human Kaito, the nekro Grimm, the skarlati Malkuri, the sho’kar Shar’tu and their leader Kain.

Note: Summer solstice in 2 days. Next full moon in 2 days

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