The Vagabond Brawler


Name: Xaldin
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6’8
Weight: 420 LBS
Age: 38

Xaldin is vagabond martial artist who will spar with anyone including Catastrophies. Xaldin is an utterly massive human with very inch of his body covered with ripped muscles. He has messy black hair and dark brown eyes. He possesses many scars on his body from past battles. He wears whatever he can find and does not own any possessions.

Xaldin appears to not have a care in the world and is quite dense. He tends to make light of many situations and is generally cheerful. He lives for battle and lets his fists do the talking. He practices his home made mix martial art style that revolves around heavy blows and throws. He has an immense amount of strength, ki and mana. Xaldin is so powerful that he can spar with Siguile, The White Knight and live to tell the tale.



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