The Spider

The Spider appears neither male nor female, using obscuring clothing to further the illusion of androgany. Dressed in dark blues and greys the spider blends equally easily in shadows as crowds.


The Spider is an information broker known in the underworld of Valencio. Whispers speak of the spider operating out of a nameless tavern in the tangled web of alleys in Valencio’s poor quarter, although few people are willing to speak of their encounters with The Spider. More often than not payment is collected in favors rather than coin, leaving The Spider with a vast net of indebted contacts throughout the city.

The Spider is an alter ego of Milah, a member of V.I.C.E, using a tavern owned by the organization as her base of operations. She uses this persona to gain information into various organizations in and around the city and to gain contacts within political and criminal groups. Even some of the more notable merchants have informers in their camps who report to The Spider. More often than not Milah simply catalogs illicit activity rather than organizing arrests, or will see that criminal ventures fail so as to keep her contacts. Even Bjorn the leader of V.I.C.E knows precious little of the information Milah has gathered as The Spider as she only reports things that could directly affect V.I.C.E.

The Spider

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