The warrior with second sight.


Name: Tahani
Race: Katzena
Gender: Female
Height: 6’4
Weight: 215 LBS
Age: 32
Tahani has a healthy coat of golden fur. Has very pale blue eyes coupled with a zen demeanor. She has many piercings on her ears and carries around many tribal trinkets. She wears a long leather skirt that is separated into four sections for maneuverability. She wears a simple cloth wrap over her breasts.


Tahani is very calm and gentle. She has power over divination which lets her sense the unseen and take a glimpse into people’s pasts and futures. She often helps others with problems they might have and serves as a counselor. In battle she is all about balancing ferocity and second sight. She can predict her opponent’s moves by glimpsing a moment into the future.


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