The High Matriarch


Race: Skarlati
Gender: Female
Height: 5’3
Weight: 115 LBS
Age: 500+ (Appears 17)

Mevidia is the High Matriarch of the Skarlati people and is one of the few remaining original skarlati. She resides in the city of Mezio with a company of trusted guards and servants. It is not uncommon for her to leave the city with her entourage whether it be for business or leisure. She is greatly respected by all and spends a good portion of the day meeting, socializing and working with others.

Mevidia is not one for formalities and generally speaks with a casual tone. She is carefree, whimsical and tends to stall in thought from time to time. The Matriarch will often forget to tell her entourage when she departs from her dwelling. Due to this, her caretakers are constantly on their toes ready to uproot themselves on a moments notice.



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