The Luupin sniper with a tragic past


Name: Kiiro
Race: Luupin
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Height: 2’10”
Weight: 45lbs

His skin is light grey, bordering on white and his hair is charcoal grey. His wings likewise are charcoal in color, and his right wing appears to have been broken and healed improperly. As such, he walks with a bit of a gait. His large eyes are a deep yellow. He is in fine physical condition, with very little body fat or muscle definition, but appears healthy and controlled. He typically wears simple clothes of a dark grey or blue, eschewing armor. He wears a tattered pink scarf around his neck at all times, and astute observers have noticed it is stained with blood. He carries a sniper rifle which he maintains very well, and he keeps a kukri for emergencies.


Kiiro appears distant, caught up in his thoughts, and more impatient than other Luupin. He generally keeps quiet, is soft-spoken, but is rather pointedly impolite. In the face of incompetence, carelessness or loutish buffoonery, he will snap in frustration. Kiiro has a marked dislike for humans, although he was the first to try and reassure the farming family to the East of Valencio. He has been seen strongly gripping and stroking his scarf when he is threatened or questioned about his past. He appears to be in the militia for monetary gain.


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