Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5’9
Weight: 140 LBS
Age: 27

Keith is the most respected member of the Undercrew. Largely due to the fact that he is the only person ever to not go crazy serving as Kaiser’s personal aide. Despite having possibly the most degrading job in the world, it is actually to Keith’s benefit. In his line of work he gets the chance to meet many different people, and in turn expands his lengthy contact list.

Part of what makes Keith so deadly in combat is that many opponents underestimate his abilities. The fact that he is known to be Kaiser’s bitch helps, but this is mainly due to the way he presents himself. He is often seen tripping over himself or barely dodging a blow, where in reality it is all a ruse to lower his opponents guard.

Keith is generally optimistic and helpful. He his very charismatic and personable easily making friends despite racial or language barriers. He is a hard worker and pulls the most weight behind the scenes of the Undercrew.



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