Luupin gunner chick


Name: Kazz
Race: Luupin
Gender: Female
Height: 3’3
Weight: 58 LBS
Age: 18
Kazz has short bobbed pink hair and big green eyes. She wears black leathers with florescent pink trim. She wears many straps and belts to hold her various guns, grenades and other gadgets. She rides around in a motor cycle with a matching colour scheme and a side car.


Kazz is loud, boisterous and loves to have fun. She is a thrill seeker and has even developed a canon that fires her and her motorcycle anywhere within a kilometer. She is an expert gunslinger with power over light and transmutation. She uses those power to transform her bullets into pure light. Kazz was a Duskwallow Raider lieutenant but she was defeated, captured and possibly converted by squad shadow terror.


Eternal Reverie Arkai