The Soceress of Lawless


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7
Weight: 137 LBS
Age: 28

Karmin is the second in command of Lawless. During Kaizer’s year absence she did an arguably better job at running the city and region. She began organizing an armed force, established relations with various powerful organizations around the world, and strengthened the loyalty of the twelve gangs.

Karmin is a women who gets her way. Whether it is by diplomacy, extortion or magical enchantment, it is rare for any individual to deny her. She is normally blunt in conveying what she wants and tends to appear colder then she actually is. Karmin is a crafty individual often finding solutions to problems that most can’t see.

Karmin is an incredibly powerful sorceress wielding a plethora of different magics and elements. She is known to be able to sense people and cast spells at great distances. She is powerful enough to conjure a barrier large enough to shield an entire city.



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