He is not a drunk and definably not a gambler... no sir.


Name: Jeb
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Height: 5’9
Weight: 190

Jeb is a bulky, overweight middle-aged man. He has a few battle scars from his time as a caravan guard and various other mercenary work. The most noticeable being a 7 inch scar from an old sword wound that runs up from the back of his hand, to the back of his wrist, and then around to his forearm’s other side. Jeb described the wound as: “Dem damned bugs bite hard!?” whenever he’s questioned about it.


Jeb is a drunkard, who is skilled in brawling. This aids him doubly as he generally hires himself out as a freelance mercenary. He would be relatively well off except he spends most of his money on booze, women and gambling. Jeb has an un-naturally good luck for gambling, which rather
than getting him rich, tends to get him into trouble at gambling houses. He also tends to pass out in the wrong areas of town, and thus gets robbed


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