Jazdeep Eskarr

Katzena museum owner and beast hunter extraordinaire


Jazdeep Eskarr is tall for a Katzena. Standing at a proud 6’’8 and 254 lb, he has a very toned physique, making it clear that he puts a lot of time and effort into training his body. His fur is eggshell white, save for his face which has a golden hue. His mane is gold, and he has emerald green eyes. He wears sandals, ivory white genie pants, and no shirt. He has 2 necklaces: one plain leather strap with an emerald green bead, and a bone necklace decorated with teeth of various shapes and sizes, the largest of which hangs in the middle. He carries a single quiver, but does not appear to have a bow. However, he does have two straps that cross his chest lined with shuriken. Jazdeep is the owner of Jazdeep’s Wildlife Museum in Lawless. When Jazdeep is not hunting for his museum he is usually busy working on his crafting.


Jazdeep Eskarr

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