Hydd "Heidi" Venora

Nekro Sho'karr Scribe Seer


Hydd is a female nekro sho’karr, she stands 5’2 and with a slender build that weighs just barely 100 lbs. Her body shows slight signs of decay from the necrotic infection; these appear as lesions and skin discolouration dispersed around her body, although they do not heal, they do not get worse or have any sensitivity but are strictly a result of her body coming into contact with the necrotic energy of “The Unhallowing”. Her skin is a shade of greyish off-white, similar to that of an eggshell with necrotic discolouration in the way of purple and green tinted patches of skin almost comparable to bruising. Her hair is lilac coloured but has long dark green strands in it that might even be seaweed, her hair is long and thick with body but always appears to be wet. Her eyes are vacant and seem absent and without purpose, they are a foggy white colour with faded grey pupils that are barely discernible.

Her slender build, partly due to her not fully matured state, is of slender build. She is skinny and what could be referred to as petite, she does not look athletic but is misleadingly quick and agile. Her build would suggest that her legs are skinny but toned with webbed feet that have what could be mistaken for claws and she never wears shoes. Her arms are not quite skin and bone but do not have any fat on them, and the muscles she does have on them carry no tone to them. These arms lead to small hands. Her hands are clammy, and have slightly webbed fingers that also lead down the claw-like fingernails.


Little is known about Hydd; where she is from or what she is capable of but there have been signs that she may be more aware or maybe just more intelligent than she is given credit for. Her behavior is hard anticipate although not impulsive and she has shown that she has talent with the arcane arts but any questions about her past or the extent of her abilities still seems shrouded in mystery. Eric Priest seems to have uneasy feelings about Hydd as he senses some sort of demonic tie to her…

Hydd "Heidi" Venora

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