The Mysterious Joker


Race: Nekro-Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5’6
Weight: 112 LBS
Age: ???

Grimm is a lithe Nekro who generally wears dark clothing and a black cloak made form light materials. He is always seen wearing some sort of mask that seems to change on a daily basis.
He is rarely seen without the hood for his cloak being up. Underneath he has short, dry, sickly green hair.


Grimm apparently has a piece of the demon lord Xin’s soul within his own. Possibly due to this, he knows all the secrets of the universe. His current goal is to find a way to the abyss, kill or absorb Xin and take his place.

He has a whimsical nature that tends to lead him astray from his objectives or leave him overwhelmingly bored. He is cocky and often mocks his opponents and allies while conversing with them while he fights.

With the help of Adorjan, Grimm now has cult of around one thousand members that worship him. He now Proclaims himself a god and has appointed his best friend Adorjan as Arch-Cosmolord.

Daggers seem to be the “god’s” weapon of choice. He appears to pull them out of thin air before flinging them at his opponents. He seemingly has power over dimensions, emotions and souls.


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