Daemon Corde

Prince of the Jellyfish Kingdom


Name: Daemon Corde
Race: Jellyfish
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 1.89m
Weight: 90.7 kg

Daemon is powerfully built, with thick well-formed arms and legs. His skin is a pale translucent blue. You can see all the various nerve clusters and organs running through his body. As he moves you can see ‘flashes’ of muscles underneath the skin, as well as tiny electrical impulses travels through the nerves of his body. Instead of hair, Daemon has tentacles falling from his head like dreadlocks, which have small metal ‘bracers’ that he uses to block incoming attacks. Coming from the front of his face he has more tentacles, which move as he talks. His eyes are black all the way through, and he has a number of piercings. He wears a cut off vest that ends where his lowest ribs would be and a flowing skirt-like garment made of strips of cloth. Daemon is also an extremely dark black man with a deep bass voice.


Daemon is aggressive and hot headed. He seems easy to anger and take offence and has a large problem with authority figures. Controversy he seems to have a great loyalty to his ‘crew’, which was named Squad Shadow Terror due mostly to his insistence. Somehow he has come to view Bjorn as his captain and seems somewhat willing to listen to him. In battle Daemon relies on his natural attacks to see him through the fight, though he carries a scimitar, which he seems to use primarily for dismembering corpses. Daemon is religious, and views his condition as a blessing from the gods, though he seems to favour Selene in his worship. Daemon has been across most of Valtiir in the years since his fathers death, and is familiar with at least some of the criminal element in many of the major cities. Recently Daemon has begun to work for the Valencio militia where for the first time he feels some sort of sense of belonging.

Daemon Corde

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