Bjorn Spielard


Bjorn is 5’8" with short military crew cut blonde hair and blue/grey eyes. He is muscular and stocky, weighing 195lbs.

Bjorn is rarely seen outside of his uniform, a sleek black official looking uniform with dark purple trim. He wears a banner on his back, which extends 1.5ft above his head and carries two weapons, one short sword and one longsword at his side. Generally he wears a backpack and a sidepack. Inside the sidepack he tends to carry documents he is currently working on; whereas the backpack carries general supplies and tools he may need for the job at hand.

Bjorn’s body has several significant scars, including healed over burn wounds, stab wounds and some slightly mis-aligned joints. If this causes him any pain he doesn’t show it; and it doesn’t seem to interfere with his regular movements or training routines.


Bjorn Spielard

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