Alrick Cauldwell


Alrick stands 5’4" has dark very short hair with clean shaven face and dark brown eyes. He is quite slim weighing only 125 lbs.

Alrick wears plain Brown and beige cloths that are very well made. His backpack is nothing more that a sheet of canvas wrapped in a bundle with ropes and belts. He carries a 6 shooter in his shoulder harness and a mithril dagger in his boot.

His behavior changes from deadly serious to sarcastic depending on the people around him. He seems to match his personality to fit the situation.

As far as his skills are concerned he likes to think he can do anything that needs doing and if he cant he will learn.


Born into a wealthy family, Alrick, the only child of Sebastian and liliana Cauldwell, Never wanted for anything except perhaps the attention of his parents. Even then, it was never that important to Alrick. His Books were his friends and he was happy alone.

As he grew older he began to take his knowledge to the streets. He would use his knowledge to gain the skills he needed to do… whatever it was he wanted to do. He disdained using family money. If he needed money he would find his own.

One day while searching for information about a certain secret agency he stumbled across some information about his parents. All this time he had thought his parents simple lawyers and here was information linking them to a secret government agency. This new mission consumed him for many months and eventualy led him to V.I.C.E. and the group led by Bjorn Spielard…

Alrick Cauldwell

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