A merchant so wealthy he literally throws money away... at your face!!


Name: Alfonso
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6’2
Weight: 354 LBS
Age: 47
Alfonso is tall and massively rotund. He has a fat round head, lined with a thin expertly trimmed black beard. He has dark brown eyes, a few pock marks on his face and a broad mouth with a few gold teeth. Despite his flabby exterior he has a fairly muscular interior. Alfonso typically dresses in regal looking attire made from the finest fabrics. He is a fan of over extravagant hats partially for the looks and partially to cover his balding head.


Alfonso is jolly, overconfident and extremely whimsical. He could walk onto a pirate ship and act as though he owns the place. This has to due partially because he could purchase the vessel with his pocket change. Alfonso spends his free time pitching silver and gold coins at people on the street. He has deadly accuracy and a strong enough arm to leave welts and large bruises on anyone he chooses to be his victim. No one knows for sure if he is a great generous soul or simply a huge douchbag. Either way to most people a bruise here or there is worth a couple of gold.


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