Aaron Bond

The simple farm boy with unique powers.


Name: Aaron Bond
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 6’
Weight: 160lbs

Aaron stands tall with a very nice bone structure that looks to have a lot of potential, looking as though he should have more muscle on him. He has shaggy brown hair that stops at his ears and eyebrows, and isn’t too shy to spike up to the sky and point in all directions. His eyes are of a normal brown hue, however his eyelashes and eyebrows, and just the combination of bone structure makes his eyes very nice to look at, he has a trusting and innocent stare that seems to catch the attention of anyone that sees him. He has a strong jaw with soft cheek bones, some stubble parading along the lower part of his face, completing his image of being young and aloof. He doesn’t wear anything fancy, most people would call them rags, his grey shirt, pants, and shoes being made of poor material and held up by nothing but rope. The recent armour has made him look a little more presentable, probably seeming like the lazy guard, rather than the poor peasant.
His right arm is the one thing that stands out on this boy. With a blue crab-like carapace replacing his skin, accompanied by some sort of spine that goes between the bones of his forearm, it looks like some sort of demon possessed it. At every joint, there seems to be a vein-like, fleshy material that is flexible so that the carapace doesn’t hinder movement. Instead of nails, razor sharp claws are there, taking up all of the finger tip, rather than just the top like most humans.


Description: Innocent and gullible, courageous and hardworking, the little clumsy boy stands out in the training area. Though many seem to like his presence, rather than casting him as an idiot, it is due to his light hearted way of handling things, and an aura of relaxation and hope surround him. He doesn’t understand a lot of humour thrown around, and lives off very little, never asking for more than he has. He’s already formed a close bond with his companions in shadow terror, and though the good hearted boy would sacrifice himself for any one of them, he has no idea some of them probably wouldn’t do the same for him.

Aaron Bond

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