Eternal Reverie

Termination of Employment

Joseph’s blurry vision scanned the small dark room. His head was wet and the taste of iron was in his mouth. The ropes that bound his hands behind his seat had been chafing for some time. The loud droning of an engine was ever present and the vibrations made his bones ache.

The sudden sound of footsteps made him focus and brace himself for what might come. The abrupt sound of an old lock being turned made a twinge of fear run up his spine. The creaky metal door slowly opened. Light from the hall hit the man’s eyes like a bullet through ice. In the door frame stood a cloaked silhouette of a man with a wide brimmed hat.

The cloaked figure began to speak with playful malice. “Mister Garner, It seems that your information was correct! I had my doubts at first believe it or not, understandable doubts I would like to think. My ex-crew member Jormungander Neitzegarden did indeed assist Marshal Grey with the murder of Uthar.”

“Yes sir!” Cried joseph “I would never try to slight you Captain, even if Uthar’s law is gone I’m still loyal to you!” “Hmm… Yes, I’m sure you are” replied the cloaked man. “But loyalty is only worth so much you see… Even after overlooking the fact that I had to track you down, ultimately you had failed to protect my property. A property that was making me quite wealthy and powerful.”

Joseph became increasingly nervous and stammered “B-But captain, P-please understand! They were able to beat Kenneth and the others! I-Including Uthar!” A flash of gold from the figure was indication that he was grinning. “Mister Garner, I’m sorry to say but you are acting like I care about your excuses. But before I terminate your employment with me you will at least provide me with some entertainment… For compensation for the grief you have caused me of course. I’ve always wanted to see how far our main cannon can propel a live human.”

“Captain Alabastor! Plea-“ Joseph was cut off by the door slamming. Darkness consumed the room once again. The droning of an engine was ever present along with the sound of fearful sobs.



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