Eternal Reverie

Off the Beaten Path

Our protagonists had captured the man that was tailing them and brought him to Jormungander Neitzegarden‘s secret torture room under DethWell Farm. After some quality time together the mysterious man did not respond in any way to Jor’s efforts. After some quick surgery it was determined that the man was in fact an animated corpse driven by frankenstein-like technology. Angered that he was denied his love of making other’s suffer, Jor quickly destroyed the corpse.

Back in the city, Peggy went to see Kaizer for information. After describing the odd man, Kaizer had a good idea where he came from. He informed the pint sized engineer that Phantom uses similar technology and have animated corpses as sentries in their territory.

After some investigations on Phantom’s turf, the party found a warehouse that possibly has a secret basement. They are currently looking for an entrance of some kind.



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