Eternal Reverie

Kaizer's Law

It was four o’ clock in the morning in the Phantom district of Lawless . Xavier was hard at work repairing his secret laboratory from the Undercrew’s “investigation”. “That insufferable skarlati set my experiments back months!” the nekro-skarlati muttered to himself as he swept debris that littered the floor into a recycling bin. “ That Jormungander seemed like a stand up fellow, I think I can trust him with keeping our encounter secret. I would not want HIM to discover my true intentions and especially not the Kaizer…”

Just as Xavier swept up the last of the mess, he felt a strange tingling sensation throughout his body. He felt a static shock on his hand, and then another down his spine. Suddenly a spark flew from his head to one of his large tesla coils, leaving his half head of hair stiff and upright. The scientist took a cautious step back from his equipment “I thought I unplugged you! Bad Tessy!”The nekro began to take a step towards the outlet when the room filled with blinding light and a deafening BOOM Reverberated throughout the subterranean structure. The resulting shockwave knocked Xavier to the floor. The scientist took a few seconds for his eyesight to refocus. The first thing he saw was a gaping hole in his ceiling, the next was something much more worrisome.

Standing all but ten feet from him was the Kaizer, enwreathed in a torrent of electricity. The Kaizer’s aura was palpable, his presence could be felt for hundreds if not thousands of feet away. He did not look happy…

“K-K-K-Kaiser! W-What a pleasant surprise! What B-Brings you to this part of town?” Xavier barely was able to stammer. “Xavier…” Kaizer said with malice dripping from his mouth. “I heard you were running some experiments… What kind of experiments were you running here?” Kaizer wiped the condensation off one of the large tubes to reveal an emaciated looking body.

“W-Well you see my lord I was developing new technologies to enhance the strength of the great Undercrew” The nekro lied while shakily getting up to his feet. “I assure you all my experiments were done safely and on willi-“ suddenly the air evacuated Xavier’s lungs, as in the blink of an eye he was pinned against the far wall with Kaizer’s hand around his neck. “LIKE HELL THEY WERE!” Kaizer’s voice rang out with a force that could shatter eardrums. Electricity was pouring out of his body into Xavier’s. The scientist was paralyzed by his nervous system being interrupted as well as by fear.

“Do you think I’m an idiot Xavier!? Do think I would not find out about your little science project!?” The lord of the city plunged his fist into the nekro’s gut causing the wall he was pinned to to crack and buckle. Xavier puked out a bluish bile onto the floor as he pled “Please my lord! I did not mean to undermine you!” ”You just don’t get it do you!” The Kaizer retorted, his eyes now pure energy brimming with electricity. “All the people you killed! All the innocents that were snuffed out! The families that were torn apart!” The Kaizer seemed to take a moment before he continued, as if he were recollecting something. “People like you are the reason that I am here. And as long as I rule over this city… NO ATTROCITY WILL GO UNPUNISHED!”

Xavier’s screams could be heard for miles. It was not quick, it was not pleasant.



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