Eternal Reverie

Grimm's musings

God Grimm! No, no, no… Lord Almighty Grimm!… No, It needs more flare… It needs to show people that I may steal your kidney or key your car, but I’m also down to party… Hmmmmmm… Hrrrrrmmmmmmmm….. HHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!…. WHOA! Yeah! Okay I got it! Arch Cosmolord Grimm! Bwehuehuehueheheheeeee!! Too bueno!… but uuuhh, If I’m Arch Cosmolord, that would imply that there are lesser Cosmo Lords… maybe I should have some right hand men… right hand men and women, The church of Grimm doesn’t discriminate. Unless you don’t worship me of course. We’ll discriminate the shit out of the heathens!… But who will be my first Cosmo Lord? It would have to be someone who was with me from the beginning, someone who believed in me the whole way through… Hmmmm… Maybe that guy at the taco stand? He didn’t rat me out to the cops when I melted that other dude’s mind… EEhhh. I’m sure it’ll come to me. Fuck man, this is hard work being a god! I need a fucking beer…



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