Eternal Reverie

Further Investigations

Many questions have been answered while many others have arisen. In the custody of the Undercrew is Massimo Baratelli, the last known target of the so called body snatchers. Massimo and the other victims all had identical surgeries done on their teeth. These surgeries hollowed out their teeth to be able to smuggle an extremely rare and potent drug called Golden Tear through the Air Razers’ customs. The prime suspects according to Nathan Fillion of the Dire Straits are The Air Razers, since it is believed that they caught wind of the operation and are in acting their revenge. After a talk with Air Razor mid boss Shino, he revealed that he knew nothing of the Dire Straits’ actions. The party has been trying to lure out the kidnappers by disguising Halim has Massimo. But the only thing that bites is a mysterious man that follows the group around at night.



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