Eternal Reverie

Another Beginning

It was a warm pleasant day as the sun shined brightly over the bustling expanse of Lawless. Merchants could be heard peddling their wears while children played in the streets. Entering the town from the large south gate was a peculiar vehicle that resembled a 1980’s R.V. It was an off white with several brown and orange stripes running the length of it. The vehicle was coughing out black smoke from its exhaust as if it was weary from a long journey. It crawled slowly through the city, for the streets were overrun with herds of various races.

In the driver’s and passenger’s seats sat a woman and a young boy. The lady who looked to be in her late 20’s wore a white tank top, green pants, leather boots, goggles and a green touque. She had a thin frame except for a small belly that protruded onto her lap. “We’re almost there Pablo” the women exhaled. She looked over with her dark tired eyes at the exited twelve year old boy beside her. He was skinny, had dark skin and had short shaved hair. He wore simple cotton green pants and a brown leather tunic. His big brown eyes were gorging themselves on all the new sites of the city. He wore a childish grin as he squished his hands and nose against the window.

“I’m sorry for all the running around kid, but I’m sure you understood what it would be like when I took you in” The women said. “This looks like a nice place, much nicer than the brochures made it appear. We’ll try stay here as long as possible; I want you to make some friends your own age alright?” Pablo simply turned to his driver, smiled and gave a vigorous nod.

The boy reached behind his seat, pulled out a notepad and scribbled down the phrase; “Can we stop for food?” On queue the woman’s stomach gave out a loud rumble. “Hahah yeah, I guess we should pick something up before we set up shop. I’ll tell you what; we’ll get your favorite. Hopefully we can find some crab pizza around here…” Pablo flipped the page on his notebook and showed it to the Women. It was a picture of a heart and a name, “Arkai”



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