Eternal Reverie


Kaiser after much discussion was introduced to Grimm. Grimm’s opening move was to remove Kaiser from the time line. The conflict between the two led to a fission in the party as Adorjan became unable to decide between his two masters. Carmen used her ability to stop time, but to some reason unbeknownst to her, Grimm was able to bypass the ability. He revealed that Jormungander has a piece of Xin inside of him. A manifest piece of Xin convinced Grimm to unlock Carmen, causing her to start her flight towards Arkai. The party returned to the city after alerting Arkai that danger was headed her way. They found a city in turmoil, and contacted Keith. Jor told Keith to declare a state of emergency and send the army in, while trying to contact Akia. Jor also contacted Marshal and called in his favour. The party then contacted Kyle, and asked him to come in, while also getting Akia to try to find I’ak.


We’re so hosed.


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